The Website is LIVE!!!!

Welcome Manifest Destiny Crew,

You are among the first to experience the website. Please share your thoughts here or through text message and email with eachother. PASS THE WEBSITE TO YOUR FRIENDS!!! A lot of work went into the website to make sure it met today’s standards of marketing. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO BE ADDED. As you may have noticed some of the links do not work and some information is missing. We are still under construction and everything should be coming up as the days progress!!!

Please make sure to email me over contact info that you would like posted on the website like a webpage or portfolio site. A web links page is being made. I am waiting on what contact info people want listed!!!

Anywho enjoy the site. This will be one of the few personal news blogs I post for you guys.  Everything will probably be back though email.  Enjoy your day! I will speak with you all soon. I’m sure!!!

ALSO: THIS WILL BE A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN SEE THE PROGRESS OF THE OTHER CREW MEMBERS OF THE FILM. See how others are doing in their designated jobs that you may not associate with on a normal basis. Visit often new stuff will be going up at least once a week including Websiodes.

– Justin Chambers

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Hello World! IT HAS BEGUN…

It has begun!

Welcome to the OFFICIAL blog-spot for Manifest Destiny “EVERYTHING”! 

Info on the progression of the short film geared to jump start the franchise and news on the feature films lined to hit production. 

This is just the start of something so much more. Please check us out frequently to get updates and get in the know before everyone else.

Also make sure to check out our webisodes and comment them!!!

When everyone is talking about this “DESTINED FRANCHISE HIT”; wouldn’t you like to be the person that says I knew the film back when…

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