Group Rehearsal = A Great Success

This past Tuesday the first group rehearsal for Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling was held where ALL of the film’s actors rehearsed the entire movie over and over again for the first time under the same roof. The day began at 12pm when one after the other, the actors started to arrive. Once everyone was all settled in, rehearsals began.

During the session everything was covered from blocking to choreographing the intense (but awesome) fight scene. As a side note, even the director, Justin Chambers, stepped in to be tossed into the air and then thrown to the ground during the choreographing part of the day, this in turn served for a great laugh. Now THAT shows some dedication.

All in all rehearsals couldn’t have gone anymore smoothly. The actors gave it their all, ending the day with near perfect performances.

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As many of you may know by now, this past weekend auditions were held for the remaining roles for Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling. The turnout was simply unbelievable. TONS of hopefuls came out and brought along their “A” game to the auditions. This, in turn, will make the deliberation over the roles quite interesting. Stay tuned to see who will be chosen.

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