It has only JUST begun!!!

It’s official!!! Today marks one week since filming wrapped on Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling. We know, we can’t believe it either.

We would like to take a minute to apologize for not updating you all in some time. The weeks leading up to the shooting dates were pretty hectic since a FULL SET was being built for the film. The art department took about a week to build the set and their hard work and dedication became very apparent when it was all finished because the set turned out absolutely phenomenal. In between adding the finishing touches to the set, final rehearsals were squeezed in, as well as wardrobe fittings and set lighting.

Finally the big day arrived last Friday and although we got off on a slow start we weren’t going to let that rule over the rest of the day and we got back on schedule as the day went on. Friday altogether was a bit of a blur…a GOOD BLUR because people were running back and forth doing what their job entailed them to do. This in turn, kept production moving forward and the final shot was wrapped minutes before it had to be.

Saturday and Sunday, also known as Days 2 and 3, were a lot less hectic and were shorter days. Once again EVERYONE was on top of their game which made these days just fly on by. I can’t really go too much into detail about what we shot on Saturday but what I can say is that the set (on camera) resembled something you would see on Showtime’s television show “The Tudors.” Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Sunday was just the best day and the best setting to finish off this production. We were lucky enough to find a beautiful setting at a nearby park which also made for a great little mission we all had to go through to get to it but it made us realize how much teamwork was a great factor in the success of this production.

I will leave you off with this, the dailies turned out absolutely INCREDIBLE and with the unbelievable post-production team that we have behind this project I can assure you that this film will be nothing less than EPIC.

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