World Premiere = HUGE Success…

…Thanks to you!

We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who made it out to the world premiere of Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling. The turn out was more than what we could’ve asked for. We are delighted to hear everyone’s positive feedback about the film and that you all had such a great time. Your support means a lot to us all and the night couldn’t have been as amazing as it was without all of you there.

Thank you all once again and stay tuned for further updates.

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Hey Guys,

A Quick Update:

Sorry its taken us so long to post another blog entry. But things have been so crazy! We just entered another competition:

“The International Movie Trailer Festival” if you haven’t please click here to vote for our trailer!


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We know, updates have been pretty slow lately but with the BIG PREMIERE quickly approaching the team has been hard at work getting everything in place to make this night, June 26th to be exact, a night no one will EVER forget.

So what exactly has been going on?

For one thing, the feedback we received for the NEW 2 MINUTE LONG TRAILER was unbelievable. The feedback was great enough but soon after we received even better news, THE TRAILER WAS ACCEPTED INTO THE TRAILER FESTIVAL where only selected trailers will be screened and the audience will consist of exclusive entertainment professionals. Let’s hear a round of applause for Manifest Destiny.

To keep this train running, the Manifest Destiny DVD’s have come full circle and not only is there a Standard Definition version (cast and crew will receive a free copy of the SD version as a Thank You gift) but we were also able to create a Blu-Ray version as well which has higher quality picture and incredible sound. Due to well over an hour and a half worth of extras, including a 7th never-before-seen webisode on Composing featuring our incredibly talented music composer Jimmy Gelhaar, we also had to create a 2-disc Special Edition which takes everyone through the journey of what it took to make this film come alive on the big screen.

As previously stated, yes there is a 7th webisode but because it includes SPOILERS the webisode unfortunately won’t be available until after the movie’s premiere.

Another juicy treat we’ve been hard at work on is a 45min “Making Of” featurette, which includes cast and crew interviews, on-set footage, pictures, the whole deal. This featurette will be included in ALL 3 versions of the DVD’s.

Finally, the last element of this project and probably the most important is celebrating everyone’s achievement. After a lot of tedious work in getting them ready, THE INVITATIONS HAVE FINALLY BEEN MAILED OUT and EVERYONE should be receiving theirs within a few days.

THE PREMIERE will be held at the prestigious James Bridges Theater at UCLA and GREAT NEWS…IT’S FREE!!!!!! So if you weren’t part of the film but still want to come and check it out…COME AND JOIN THE CELEBRATION. For more information on how to get tickets simply go to the sites main page and click on the PREMIERE link. All of the necessary information will be provided there.

Hope to see you all on June 26th.

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Hello Ladies and Gents,

The team wants to start off by wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! With that said, 2010 holds two of the most momentous developments for the Manifest Destiny franchise.

First, with the overwhelming feedback from people wanting to see more after watching the film’s first trailer, there will be a world premiere of a NEW 2 MIN LONG TRAILER for Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling in FEBRUARY and trust me (even after only seeing the first cut of it) you will NOT want to miss this one.

And second, the moment everyone’s been waiting for, get your tuxes and formal dresses ready because *drum roll please* The RED CARPET PREMIERE of Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling will finally be here on June 26, 2010. Yes, you read it right, the film is going to have a full on red carpet premiere held at the prestigious James Bridges Theater.

However, if you can’t wait until then, to see more on the film head on over to the site’s video section and check out the NEW WEBISODE in which Justin Chambers (Director) and Leland R. Thomas author of High Road discuss how the scripts for Manifest Destiny the feature and Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling came about.

So sit back and relax while you can because this is one train you are not going to want to miss.

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Although a week late from its original debut the official 30 second Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling teaser trailer has been released. The reason for its delay was simply because we wanted to show nothing but the best to our loyal followers. You can view the trailer by going to the sites home page and simply clicking on the TRAILER link located above the Guest Book link and please feel free to leave a comment. We love hearing from you all.

What’s next? During the next few weeks we will be bringing you guys MORE BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS. Yes you heard right. MORE behind the scenes!!! One will focus on how a specific shot from the teaser trailer was created and the other on the incredible set building. So stay tuned for more Manifest Destiny heading your way.

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A Rough Cut, A Teaser Trailer AND 2 New Posters OH MY!!!!!

Hello one and all, FIRST, I am beyond excited to announce that the solid FIRST CUT of Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!! I know when I heard the news I couldn’t believe it either. Post has been hard at work day in and day out and although the film still needs to go through a few more stages until it is 110% complete, I received direct word from the director that this first cut, on its own, is unbelievably amazing. If that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what does. Unfortunately I can’t say much more about the cut but once I get more information about it I can assure you that you will be updated.

More News: Mark your calendars everybody for October 9, 2009 because this will be the day that you will all FINALLY get a little peak at this EPIC film. October 9th will be the day that the 2nd TEASER TRAILER will be uploaded onto the site so look out for it. And coming from someone who has seen little tid bits of what will be featured in this trailer I can assure you that this is not one to miss.

In the meantime, as you wait for these tasty treats, HEAD ON OVER to the IMAGERY SECTION and check out the TWO NEW POSTERS that our amazingly talented conceptual/story board artist, Adam Conarroe and our director Justin Chambers have created. If you look closely you might just see a little bit of what is to come in the upcoming weeks ;D

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It has only JUST begun!!!

It’s official!!! Today marks one week since filming wrapped on Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling. We know, we can’t believe it either.

We would like to take a minute to apologize for not updating you all in some time. The weeks leading up to the shooting dates were pretty hectic since a FULL SET was being built for the film. The art department took about a week to build the set and their hard work and dedication became very apparent when it was all finished because the set turned out absolutely phenomenal. In between adding the finishing touches to the set, final rehearsals were squeezed in, as well as wardrobe fittings and set lighting.

Finally the big day arrived last Friday and although we got off on a slow start we weren’t going to let that rule over the rest of the day and we got back on schedule as the day went on. Friday altogether was a bit of a blur…a GOOD BLUR because people were running back and forth doing what their job entailed them to do. This in turn, kept production moving forward and the final shot was wrapped minutes before it had to be.

Saturday and Sunday, also known as Days 2 and 3, were a lot less hectic and were shorter days. Once again EVERYONE was on top of their game which made these days just fly on by. I can’t really go too much into detail about what we shot on Saturday but what I can say is that the set (on camera) resembled something you would see on Showtime’s television show “The Tudors.” Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Sunday was just the best day and the best setting to finish off this production. We were lucky enough to find a beautiful setting at a nearby park which also made for a great little mission we all had to go through to get to it but it made us realize how much teamwork was a great factor in the success of this production.

I will leave you off with this, the dailies turned out absolutely INCREDIBLE and with the unbelievable post-production team that we have behind this project I can assure you that this film will be nothing less than EPIC.

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It’s HOT, It’s EPIC…Have you seen IT?

Oh yes it’s true, the TEASER TRAILER for Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t already seen the little treat that we’ve cooked up for you guys, definitely go and check it out RIGHT NOW.

To see the teaser trailer you can either, go to the home page and check it out there under the news section OR you can click on the TRAILER link and that’ll take you to a page where you can view a larger sized version of the trailer. I am proud to say that the teaser trailer has received really high marks and great feedback from those who have seen it thus far. There’s one thing missing though and that is YOUR feedback. We want to hear from YOU!!!!!!!!! So go on, check out the trailer and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts.


I am thrilled to announce that we are officially 30 days away from filming Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling. The entire production team has been hard at work making sure that everything that goes into this film is nothing less than 120%

Stay tuned for a lot more news and updates heading your way in the next couple of weeks.

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Group Rehearsal = A Great Success

This past Tuesday the first group rehearsal for Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling was held where ALL of the film’s actors rehearsed the entire movie over and over again for the first time under the same roof. The day began at 12pm when one after the other, the actors started to arrive. Once everyone was all settled in, rehearsals began.

During the session everything was covered from blocking to choreographing the intense (but awesome) fight scene. As a side note, even the director, Justin Chambers, stepped in to be tossed into the air and then thrown to the ground during the choreographing part of the day, this in turn served for a great laugh. Now THAT shows some dedication.

All in all rehearsals couldn’t have gone anymore smoothly. The actors gave it their all, ending the day with near perfect performances.

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As many of you may know by now, this past weekend auditions were held for the remaining roles for Manifest Destiny: A Fates Calling. The turnout was simply unbelievable. TONS of hopefuls came out and brought along their “A” game to the auditions. This, in turn, will make the deliberation over the roles quite interesting. Stay tuned to see who will be chosen.

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